Established in 2021

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new standard in non-prime lending.

Our Mission

By combining artificial intelligence and human data, we are changing the way consumers get financed.

What started as an idea became a solution. Lucy was built by dealers for dealers. Our team consists of industry experts and dealership owners who are dedicated to helping dealers get more consumers financed.

We saw that the world of buying cars, despite having an unimaginable potential for success and improvement, remains unexplored when it comes to generating convenience and control with self-service technology. That is why we decided to take the initiative, by striving to create a new standard in automotive lending.

André-Martin Hobbs

“I created my “Dream Team” with this company. It took me 20 years to find the best talents and bring them together under the same project”.

By bringing together artificial machine intelligence and human-generated data, we are gradually changing the way consumers get financed from their financial institutions, reducing piles of paperwork to a single software, and hours of work into mere minutes.

Rosa Hoffmann

"I could not be prouder of the team we've brought together to help us revolutionize auto lender"

Meet The Team


Rosa Hoffmann

CEO & Co-Founder

Rosa has leveraged her diverse executive level understanding of the automotive sector to the glee of her clients for years.

She has extensive knowledge in IoT and working with companies focused on automotive tech, connected vehicle and security.

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André-Martin is a digital entrepreneur who, since 1999, has developed cutting-edge expertise in the field of automotive marketing. And this for a simple reason: As an entrepreneur, collector, and even race driver, he is passionate about automobiles.

He has successfully built, developed, and sold several automotive digital solutions companies. These include: Dealer Corporation,, and DealerCity

André-Martin developed DecisioningIT and the F&I Lucy tool suite to facilitate the financing process and resolve the difficulties he identified with his clients. By helping dealerships, Lucy also helps consumers who need a vehicle. Lucy is a transparent, win-win solution.

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André-Martin Hobbs

CPO & Co-Founder

Eric Stremler

Senior Developer

Holding a bachelor in mathematics and a masters in computer science Eric is the development lead for Lucy.

His experience as a CTO has spanned across multiple industries and numerous large-scale projects for over 20 years, primarily within the automotive sector.

Christophe's range of expertise is quite diverse and he is our go to knowledge base when it comes to web integration, SEO techniques as well as front and back end web development.

Christophe has been in the automotive technology space, leading development teams and along the way becoming a project management professional.


Christophe Humbert

Senior Developer

Jason Rudland

Director of Technology

Jason joined DecisioningIT to ensure that our web applications are built to be secure, scalable, and highly available. Jason brings 25 years of experience leading as well as building web applications using different development practices, project styles, and programming languages.

"The tech stack you use to ship a product only matters to other devs. End users only care that it’s fast enough and does enough to let them get work done. That is your top priority as a dev. Ship working maintainable things that solve people’s problems.” Brian P. Hogan

Emiliano brings over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. He has become a master of SEM/SEO, PPC and social media marketing techniques.

His profound experience with the suite of Google tools makes him integral to many of our efforts and his positive enthusiasm is always recognized by his colleagues and all of our clients.


Emiliano Ubaldi


Raisa MacLeod

Product Manager

Raisa comes to DecisioningIT as a veteran in early startup formation. Her attitude is that creating valuable software with a skilled team is fun. With that in mind, she has brought to market keystone products: a micro-work system at SweetIQ and data e-commerce and distribution solution for TickSmith. As a product owner, she worked with teams that grew from 3 to over 10 members, whilst the companies grew to over 50 employees.

At DecisioningIT, she is taking on product and operational responsibilities to help the company scale. Raisa will implement agile processes where we build, inspect, adapt and do it again! This tight flow increases communication, team cohesion and reduces wasted effort all the while increasing team satisfaction. Raisa ensures that all teams are aligned with the product vision so that DecisioningIT brings the right product to market.

Stephanie’s energy, enthusiasm and drive for resolving complex customer inquiries has been the foundation for her 18+ years in automotive marketing.

She is passionate about building strong customer relationships, driving brand loyalty, and increasing customer engagement.


Stephanie Nagy

Director of Customer Success

Daniel Mekker


Daniel is a Full-Stack developer who has an innate love of writing code to solve complex issues. Built products for desktop and mobile app users over five years using high standards, best practices and speed.

Daniel is using his skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances and developed many web applications across multiple APIs, third-party integrations and databases.

Luke is a recent engineering grad and a Full-Stack developer who has a passion for building software solutions as well as challenging himself with continuous learning of new skills. Luke has worked on front-end, back-end and mobile app development in a variety of industries.

At DecisioningIT, Luke will be contributing his skills to develop new features across multiple platforms, perform integrations, and adapt to using the latest available technologies.


Luke Bilyk


Tareq Rahim


Tareq is a Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in web and mobile application development.

He worked as a full-stack developer in multiple start-ups and software companies in Bangladesh and Canada.

He has designed and developed business-critical, maintainable and high-quality apps with optimization for speed, scalability and best practices.

Annabelle is a business manager who, for over 10 years, has specialized in non-prime financing. After helping thousands of clients secure and rebuild their financial health, she is now training a new generation of F&I specialists in this field.

With a degree in communications, Annabelle began her career as a radio host, a job that matches her playful character, curiosity and communication skills. For these same reasons, she is a spokesperson on social networks in order to explain simply, via a multitude of weekly videos, how credit works and the vocation of credit analysts who place customers and their difficulties at the heart of their concerns.

We like to say that Lucy is a bit like her, because it was Annabelle who, from the start, trained and ensured Lucy's competence in analyzing credit files.


Annabelle Barrette

Training Director

Nazanin Gaharkhlou

Senior Business Analyst

Nazanin is an experienced Business Analyst with more than 10 years of experience in various industries.

She thrives on finding optimal system solutions and values through testing to ensure that the final product is delivered to the user with minimal error.

Colleagues know her as a friendly and intelligent person, and she thrives in an environment where she can solve complex issues and find the best solution for the users of the system that she works with.



Gary Schwartz


Over the past 25 years, Gary has played a leadership role in the high-tech industry founding, investing and managing a number of companies in the health, marketing, social media, retail, blockchain and financial sectors.

He is a six-time recipient of the Deloitte Fast 50 Award and was recognized as the "2013 Mobile Commerce Evangelist of the Year" and "2014 US Retail Innovator of the Year."

Gary, now President of the Canadian Lenders Association, is alumnus of Columbia University in New York and the Stanford University Center in Yokohama, where he was the recipient of the Asia and Japan Foundation Fellowships.

Michel Lozeau's first career took place in the world of Consulting and Information Technology. A graduate of McGill University (B.Comm. 1974) and participant in the Executive Program of Queen's University (1998), Mr. Lozeau held executive positions in Montreal and Toronto, with international technology companies and management consulting firms, including Andersen Consulting (Accenture), SHL Systemhouse and Oracle Corporation, where he was Group Vice President of professional services in Canada from 1995 to 2001.

Mr. Lozeau also worked in financial institutions, such as the National Bank of Canada, where he held the position of Senior Vice-President, Electronic Commerce and member of the Executive Committee.


Michel Lozeau


Jean-Philippe Salvas


Senior account manager at Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for the past 15 years, before becoming recently VP Finance of a leading lender in subprime vehicle financing.
Jean-Philippe is a Certified professional accountant (CPA), advisor for many SMB and Strategic planning expert. He led our first round with angel investors and will be a voice on the advisory board.

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