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Our customized fintech APIs integrate into your existing technology for a seamless customer buying experience.
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Pre-qualify 85% of your online customers, regardless of their credit history.

Our APIs empowers website builders, lead providers, digital retailing solutions and OEMs to maximize the online customer buying experience. Our proprietary technology is ideal for subprime, near prime, and prime customers. Simply add our APIs to your online financing process!

Too often, digital retailing falls short on subprime consumers and the online process ends abruptly. Our APIs can be added to your workflow at the beginning of the financing process or when your prime lenders have declined the consumer.
Our APIs will pre-qualify consumers using long or short credit bureau files and could also use bank statement pulls if required. We will return an open XML format with the list of lenders where the consumer is pre-qualified, including maximum payment and additional vehicle conditions based on lender programs. Get clients pre-qualified at credit using our APIs and build your own forms to have full control over the look and feel of your website pages. If you haven't done this integration yet, refer to our API-only integration guide.

Simplify the financing process

Manage atomic dataset access using online tools. (No need to call a salesman or dev to set up, or define the scope of access)
Modern specification compliant API. (Developers should know what to code without reading reams of documents. API will be discoverable by no-code providers)
Open and free data exchange. (We will give complete access to data unless defined otherwise in the online tool)
Simplify The Credit Application Process

Simplify The Credit Application Process

You already operate a digital retailing solution, CRM, lender portal, classifieds website and would like to add credit pre-qualification to your workflow? Get access to APIs that get 85% of customers pre-qualified, regardless of their credit history.
Technology partners access our APIs, documentation, tools, and resources you need to build complementary solutions to address your customer needs.

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