The Lucy F&I Platform is now a Quebec Dealer Association Partner!

The Lucy F&I Platform is now a Quebec Dealer Association Partner!

Montreal, February 2, 2022 – We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the Quebec Dealer Association – CCAQ and Lucy, the artificial intelligence-powered F&I assistant!

“I am extremely pleased with this collaboration because it demonstrates the legitimacy and credibility of the F&I Lucy platform for the CCAQ!” says the company’s co-founder, André-Martin Hobbs.

We are very proud of our rapid success with car dealerships in Quebec! This shows that the Lucy F&I platform has evolved into one of the most important tools for dealers.

What is Lucy?

Lucy is a virtual F&I assistant who assists every business manager by quickly and precisely automating complex and routine tasks. As a result, F&I can spend more time with customers and close more profitable sales.

Concretely, this means that Lucy:

✓ Pre-qualifies 85% of customers in seconds, regardless of their credit history, prime or non-prime;

✓ Finds the best lender programs according to incentives, bonuses, etc.;

✓ Matches of vehicles in inventory based on credit approvals;

✓ Appraises credit bureaus and bank statements;

✓ Automatically performs customer reminders and follow-ups;

✓ Offers customer contact tools (CRM) dedicated to F&I;

✓ Calculates LTV and PTI ratios;

✓ The Lucy platform is your 24/7 virtual F&I assistant, with performance reports, customer reminders, and more!

Get the F&I Lucy platform, as many dealerships in Canada have!

Contact us for a demo of the platform to see how it can benefit your dealership.

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