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Using Open APIs, we connect dealers, OEMs, and third-party partners, providing unprecedented ways to improve the customer financing experience. Connect to the DecisioningIT ecosystem to gain access to an ever-expanding network of dealerships.

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DecisioningIT Partners

Strategic technology partnerships are more important today than ever before. As technology continues to disrupt and fuel growth in the automotive industry, companies need to be flexible and offer ways to work together in order to provide the best results for clients. 

We design our solutions with an end-to-end vision that includes independent software products within our comprehensive suite of tools to improve functionality and reduce complexity.

DecisioningIT already integrates with several DMS, CRM, F&I, Vehicle Data Providers, Inventory Management Tools, Marketplaces, Marketing agencies, Lenders and OEMs.

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Canadian Black Book
CDK Global
D2C Media
Reynolds and Reynolds
We have already integrated with over 100 partners

DecisioningIT Integrations

DecisioningIT’s Open APIs connects OEMs, dealers, lenders, after-market product suppliers with their consumers through seamless integration.

Vehicle financing should be a simple user experience, but unfortunately, almost all available solutions are geared toward prime financing and its standard sales funnel, whether online or at the dealership. Our APIs enable you to provide live credit prequalification and approve customers 85 percent of the time, regardless of whether their financial profiles are prime, near-prime, subprime, or deep subprime.

It’s that simple, our suite of machine learning-based tools & APIs helps more consumers get financed, whether online or in-store.

DecisioningIT can help you get more consumers approved at credit.

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