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The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is your virtual F&I assistant. Lucy removes bottlenecks, speeds up things, and sets automatic reminders for you. Lucy is also up to date on lender programs and incentives for both prime and non-prime.
Simplify The Credit Application Process

Simplify The Credit Application Process

An automated decisioning platform that works in tandem with your dealership's DMS, CRM and portals. The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform gets 85% of customers automatically pre-qualified, regardless of their credit history. It will keep clients active using nurturing tools, send automated reminders for clients and much more. This platform is designed to get more consumers approved, while managing the financing process from start to finish.

We live in a world that has an unimaginable amount of convenience and control over their retail experiences, making paperwork and credit management a troublesome and tiring experience. Up until now, there has not been any transparent and accurate financial solutions available for car buyers and dealerships.

Understanding the need of the hour, the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform was designed to replace tough financial paperwork that can take hours with interactive machine learning and artificial intelligence predictions to facilitate your credit management.

The platform provides an automated decision F&I platform that works in collaboration with your dealership’s distinct portals and related financial software, integrating seamlessly into your workplace. 

At the same time, the platform, as an incredibly interactive and assistive tool, would continue to engage clients using a wide assortment of nurturing tools, send automated reminders, and much more. In short, Lucy has been designed to get more consumers approved by their financial institutions while managing the entire process with its reliable digital hands.

The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform automatically creates the optimal deal structure for the customer and the dealership. It will calculate special offers, reserves, and interest rates. Simply make your selection and submit it. The platform is versatile and easy to use by all employees.
Historically non prime has always been a difficult process and challenging deal to get funded. With the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform, 85% of customers are automatically pre-qualified in seconds, regardless of their credit history. The platform also allows you to create perfect deals before submitting them to lenders, ensuring that you have the best chance of avoiding an automatic decline.
One of Lucy Platform's distinctive features is its capacity to analyze lender pre-calls and scan inventory to find vehicles that maximize front-end and back-end profits, or even to shift aging vehicles. In other words, Lucy uses its AI capabilities to automatically match credit to a vehicle.
Additional Tools
The Lucy Platform also includes financial calculators, debt ratio calculators according to lender programs, read credit bureaus, pull bank statements, CRM-like capabilities, lender conditions, calendars and so much more!
“Providing a tool like the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is fantastic, but without F&I managers using it, the platform is useless.” – André-M. Hobbs
On top of training modules, FAQs, and support ticketing, the Lucy Platform users are welcomed with a kick-off 4-hour training and get weekly follow-ups from our trainers once installed. Finally, level 1 and level 2 F&I managers are always available to help to unblock urgent transactions.


I am somewhat new to this trade and had the chance to start my F&I career using Lucy. Lucy validates my deals, makes sure I make no mistakes and the tutorials have helped me catch on much faster.
I don’t know what I would have done without Lucy!

Dominique Dumont

I have 15+ years of experience as a non-prime credit specialist. I liked to say I knew every lender program, every trick there is to make sure my clients secure financing. But I have to say, Lucy makes me go faster every day, her suggestions are always accurate and her advice is really helpful. I don’t have to memorize every lender program change anymore!

Mélanie Larouche

The Lucy F&I Platform has been created by dealers, for dealers.

Proof is in the pudding and the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform was built and used by dealers for 5 years prior to its commercialization in April 2021.

In a nutshell, the platform is driven by a cutting-edge AI engine that provides F&I managers with options other products simply cannot do. The idea is to help less experienced F&I managers with their sales while saving time for experienced F&I managers, for both prime and non-prime financing.

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The Lucy F&I Platform helps dealerships get 85% of their credit applications automatically pre-qualified and acts as a powerful CRM dedicated to F&Is.

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