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Automated credit decisioning for your consumer financing needs.

Powerful Features

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Organize and make decisions
With access to financial institutions' programs, Lucy can direct credit applications to the right lenders that will work best for the consumer.
Options available after decline
Historically deals that are declined are typically cascaded to multiple lending institutions or discarded with no follow up.
Reporting system
Lucy can provide dealers, OEMs and financial institutions detailed finance loan reports which include how many subprime loans were seen.
Technology under your roof
A machine learning system designed to accelerate your specialized credit capabilities. Streamlined to perform analysis in real time while mitigating risk for lenders and borrowers.

Subscription Packages

Lucy F&I Platform

An automated decisioning platform that works in tandem with DMS, CRMs and portals. Lucy allows dealers to dispatch and work directly in a CRM.

Consumer Widget

This is a plug and play (widget) solution that can pre-qualify any finance lead directly on the dealership website (prime or non-prime).

API Solutions

Technology partners access the Lucy software, resources and APIs to build complementary solutions to address their customer needs.

Dealership Benefits

Removes the guesswork from credit appraisal
Provides accurate financial pre-qualification
Manages client data and built in credit documentation
Simplify and expedite the application process
Rapidly grow and sustain non-prime business

Consumer Benefits

Secures the best interest rate from multiple lenders
Simplify and expedite the application process
Gets real-time approval
Provide more options and a better financing experience
Allows consumers to better understand their credit profiles and the rebuild process

Add True Online Financing Solutions to Your Network

Hundreds and thousands of vehicle buyers visit online 3rd parties to research vehicles, pricing, and finance options, and many of these buyers have already decided on what brand and models they would like to buy before they have arrived at the dealership. Lucy allows a wide range of technological API solutions, documentations, tools, and resources that you might need as a reseller to address your customer needs, acting as your personal self-service credit management system.
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