Lucy Consumer Widget

The Lucy consumer credit application can be added to any website with a single line of code.

The Lucy Consumer Widget pre-qualifies consumers on your website

Works seamlessly on any website. This is a plug and play solution that can pre-qualify any finance lead and provide more options and suggestions to help get clients approved. Lucy will do all the hard work then send the qualified lead with details and instructions to the dealership to submit for final funding.
The Lucy Consumer Widget pre-qualifies

Simplify the credit application process with the Lucy Consumer Widget

How It Works

Step 1:

Customer Journey begins

Customers visit your dealership website

Step 2:


Customers apply for credit online generating a lead

Step 3:


Lucy pre-qualifies customers instantly and will push the lead back to the dealers including the optimal deal structure for every customer, prime and non-prime.

Let’s get started

The widget installation process is easy and we can also take care of it for you. Let us know how we can contact you below.

Here are some of the many reasons to use our credit application on your website:

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