Our Decisioning Tools are powered by artificial intelligence

Effortlessly pre-qualifies 85% of applicants in micro-seconds, with no concern for their credit background

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Our tools are powered by AI, it's not just a buzzword

Through artificial intelligence, our decisioning tools harnesses past data, adapts to lenders', credit bureaus' and bank statements' new information, and tackles tasks akin to humans. The engine currently utilizes deep learning and natural language processing to assimilate data from user requests and financial decisions. Initially, real-world expertise from F&I Managers, accumulated over 5 years, provided half the decisioning strength. Now, an enhanced 85% is drawn from sophisticated algorithms analyzing countless lender transactions daily. This enables our system to conduct thorough analyses of its mechanism, bolstering the precision and accuracy of its predictive models.

How it works

Simplify The Credit Application Process

The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is a fintech framework that enables dealers to dynamically match a borrower to various financial institutions’ credit parameters. This improves conversions and allows for risk mitigation for financial institutions to get more consumers financed.

The platform acts as a customer credit management tool that manages every aspect of the non-prime financing communications funnel for the acquisition and nurturing of clients.

Easy installation
Prior to integrating our Lucy Platform and SAM Widget, which includes comprehensive eLearning modules, we ensure each dealer and their team receive access codes and have all requested features up and running. Our half-day on-site or virtual training, conducted by our experts, thoroughly covers all aspects of the solutions to fully equip users with the knowledge for successful implementation.
Deal Optimization & Consumer Fit
Our tools not only recommend the most suitable F&I products but also align inventory with consumer credit profiles, ensuring deals are optimal for dealers while remaining affordable for consumers.
Easy Interpretation
Leveraging bank statements and credit bureau insights, our tools meticulously pinpoint and aggregate key credit behaviors, presenting "positive points" that bolster dealer F&I managers' negotiations with financial institutions.
Easy Tools & Training
Designed for simplicity, our tools come with direct dealership training and eLearning support, ensuring easy adoption and effective use.

Seamless Integration Across Your Technology Ecosystem

Our solutions—Lucy Platform, SAM website Widget, and API suite—are crafted for seamless use by dealers, OEMs, and digital retailers. These tools assure smooth workflow with existing ERP, DMS, CRM systems.

They offer seamless adaptability, scalable architecture, and customization to meet your unique business needs. With a focus on efficiency, our tools grow with you, ensuring robust support for your expanding operations. Integration is simplified, with our dedicated team ensuring a smooth and swift setup.
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