The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is powered by artificial intelligence

It pre-qualifies 85% of customers in 16 seconds, regardless of their credit history

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The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is powered by AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs from lenders & credit bureaus and perform human-like tasks.

Today, the platform's engine uses deep learning and natural language processing to learn from consumers’ applications and lender decisions. Originally, half of the platform's decisioning power came from industry experience provided by real F&I managers, over a period of 5 years. The other half, which has now risen to 80%, is based on learnings the platform does daily on thousands of processed lender applications. Such an approach also enables our team to do post-hoc analysis of its engine and determine the accuracy and precision of its algorithms.

How it works

Simplify The Credit Application Process

The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is a fintech framework that enables dealers to dynamically match a borrower to various financial institutions’ credit parameters. This improves conversions and allows for risk mitigation for financial institutions to get more consumers financed.

The platform acts as a customer credit management tool that manages every aspect of the non-prime financing communications funnel for the acquisition and nurturing of clients.

Easy installation
Before deploying the platform in a dealer, we make sure that all users have received their access codes and that all the requested options are available and functional. A half-day at the dealership or virtual training with one of our experts is offered to fully explain all the specifics of the platform.
Smart Scoring
The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform scores consumers based on the interpretation the system makes from credit bureaus.
Easy Interpretation
The platform also searches for favorable credit behavior and summarizes "positive points that can help negotiation with financial institutions".
Integration Flexibility
The platform scales with your technology ecosystem. (ERP, DMS, CRM, Portal, etc.)

Partners & Integration

We believe in flexibility. This is why we are open to working with all industry partners.
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