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I must say I was little skeptical when it came to getting declined deals approved. I always considered myself to be a good F&I manager who understood the subprime divisions well. I was blown away. We had 18 declines in 28 days and the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform was able to help us get over 50% of these declines approved. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. You don’t know how much business you’re leaving on the table, or simply throwing away until you have the platform in your dealership.

Errol Edwards
F&I Manager, Kitchener Honda

When I get non-prime clients, Lucy really helps me. The lender conditions are also very useful.

Emilie Anne
Legault Prime F&I at Blainville Mitsubishi

I have seen the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform grow since day one and have trained dozens of non-prime F&Is. I particularly appreciate its reporting capabilities, daily updated lender conditions and tips and advice to get consumers approved at credit.

Annabelle Barrette
Ex-Senior non-prime F&I at Prêt Auto Express

The Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform is very practical. Notes on files, lender conditions, customer credit analysis (useful to break client expectations before being more gentle).

Geneviève St-Jules
Prime F&I at Blainville Mitsubishi

The platform is an essential tool for non-prime F&Is working in car dealerships. Crazy Lucy as we often call her will help us on several factors in our daily routine. Lucy allows me to forward complete files to collaborating institutions in just a click of the mouse.

Sasha Bouffard
Senior Non-prime F&I at Chomedey Hyundai

In August 2020, Lucy was able to approve 21 clients of which we made 10 sales. These are 10 sales that we couldn't have done without the platform. Our ROI is very high since the profitability generated by these non-prime sales largely exceeds the platform cost.

Marc-Olivier Richard
CPA, CMA GM at Chomedey Hyundai

New to the auto industry I was lucky to use the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform from the beginning, this complete tool helps me to properly qualify my clients, follow-up with my clients, use the dashboard for daily reports, etc. When in doubt, I turn to it to get the answers I need to carry out the transaction, which also saves me time. After using it for a few months, I couldn’t go without it! Thank you DecisioningIT! To try it is to adopt it.

Dominique Dumont
Chrysler (Garage Windsor)

I love the fact that the Lucy Credit Decisioning Platform has paperless documents, automatic reminders, text messaging. It boosted my production by at least 20% and that’s without counting on the automated credit decisions she produces!

Stephany Kempffer
Senior non-prime F&I Prêt Auto Partez
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