Nissan picks e-commerce provider for new online shopping platform

Nissan picks e-commerce provider for new online shopping platform

Well done Nissan!

The platform is called Nissan@Home, and Nissan chose CarSaver‘s e-commerce platform to support components of a new end-to-end online buying experience for customers.

“The Nissan@Home purchasing experience integrates CarSaver features such as end-to-end online purchase of new, certified pre-owned and used vehicle inventory” Coral Springs Nissan COO Jack Jackintelle said in a news release.

Nissan chose CarSaver after a pilot program with seven dealers, of which Tamaroff Nissan and Jeffrey Nissan (Eric Frehsee, president)

“Shopping for a vehicle with CarSaver’s tools is like ordering a pizza, but more fun,” CarSaver CEO Chad Collier said.

The only missing functionality from this suite of tools is getting non-prime consumers pre-qualified at credit online. I’m referring to a credit-first approach that could get 85% of customers approved regardless of their credit history.

Too many e-commerce tools focus on prime financing, leaving up to 30% of consumers without being able to secure financing online.

CarSaver, add Lucy’s API to your suite of tools and get 85% of your clients approved online! 🙂

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