Dealertrack: Today's Solutions for Today's Challenges

[1-min Video]: Solutions for today’s challenges

Great marketing video made by Dealertrack, released in time for the Cox Automotive Experience and the 2021 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

But it misses a very important component that more and more Auto and Fintech startups already offer to online consumers: AI based prequalification and lender routing.

But no worries Dealertrack, we can help you with that! The Lucy API is a plug and play solution that can be embedded in your suite of tools that allows live prequalification for prime and non-prime financing.

Simply add a few lines of code to your existing tech stack and unleash Lucy to get 85% of customers approved regardless of their credit history.

Add Lucy on websites, financing portals, CRMs, DMSs easily and benefit from prequalification and inventory match in just a few minutes.

Mandi FangJay L. NiemanMark NagelvoortMatt MurrayKathy KassinosJessica Capocy
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