Ford & dealers launch online used-car marketplace

Ford & dealers launch online used-car marketplace

Ford Motor Company has partnered with its dealers to launch a digital used-vehicle marketplace, launching Thursday Feb 12 during NADA Show 2021.

“We can now connect the right shopper to the right pre-owned Ford vehicle faster than ever,” Ford VP of U.S. marketing Andrew Frick said in a news release.

A CARFAX report is run on each certified vehicle, as well. “What customers want is to address the concern of fear of a lemon and the lack of trust in used-car buying. So, certification is a good way to do that,” Ford’s U.S. used-vehicle manager Andrew Ashman said in an interview this week.

In a news release, Jessica Stafford, who is the SVP for Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book (Cox Automotive) said: “We believe that the automotive industry thrives when dealers, consumers and manufacturers are completely connected. This philosophy drove us to engineer a uniquely integrated platform for Ford dealers to help simplify, streamline and personalize the car-buying experience for consumers and drive more value.”

Ford Motor Company and Autotrader US could benefit from Lucy’s Automated Decisioning to get 85% of customers approved ONLINE regardless of their credit history. (prime, near prime or subprime)

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