Two reasons it may work for the sales consultant to handle F&I too

Two reasons it may work for the sales consultant to handle F&I too

In a recent article Kristine Cain talks about one-person car sales experience, where one salesperson shepherds the customer from a to z, including F&I.

“Most F&I managers would say this is not beneficial and that they are skilled in not only high-margin aftermarket sales but also trained in the art of working a financing deal with banks and captives that they have come to know and understand. They know how to get deals bought and it takes training that salespeople don’t have. Fair point.

But in today’s increasingly digital sales environment and with Millennial and Gen Z buyers looking for a more seamless way to buy a car, perhaps a one-person car sales experience is an idea whose time has come. And it’s abundantly clear the old way of spending 4-5 hours at a dealership is not appealing to anyone of any generation” Cain added.

I’d like you hear my fellow LinkedIn friends on this. Many industry experts believe the F&I and salesperson roles are ripe for disruption, even perceived as the dealership’s “old” way of doing things.

Do you agree, disagree?

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