Westlake Direct Revs Up Digital Car Financing with ‘Buy Now'

Westlake Direct Revs Up Digital Car Financing with ‘Buy Now’

In a progressive move for the automobile financing world, Westlake Technology Holdings is turbocharging its outreach to consumers. The goal? To forge profitable connections for both the finance firm and automotive dealerships.

Westlake Direct, a pioneering direct-to-consumer financing pathway birthed in 2018 via LoanCenter, has injected a game-changing feature into the market: “Buy Now” digital financing. This isn’t just any routine update; it’s a significant leap towards modernizing the car acquisition journey.

Recent spotlights have unveiled the potential of the “Buy Now” offering. Prospective car owners can swiftly navigate the pre-approval maze, pair up with their chosen vehicle from available stocks, and sail through the essential documentation – all online. The physical dealership? It’s no longer a mandatory pitstop.

What’s more, applications undergo a meticulous review by a designated Westlake Direct specialist. This expert then teams up with the selected car dealership to put the final seal on the sale. Whether the consumer prefers a doorstep delivery or an in-store pickup, Westlake Direct makes it happen.

But here’s the clincher: the entire procedure can zoom from start to finish in a mere 24 hours. Customers are promised a frictionless experience, while dealerships enjoy a steady parade of ready-made finance deals.

Ralph Ontiveros, the helm at the Vice President’s office of Westlake Direct, articulated, “Our mission at Westlake Direct isn’t just about financing. It’s about redesigning the auto financing playbook to resonate with the digital generation. Our groundbreaking platform doesn’t just serve; it empowers customers. And it does so hand-in-hand with our esteemed dealership partners.”

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