6 Steps to the F&I Deal: Where Digital Retailing Fits In

6 Steps to the F&I Deal:  Where Digital Retailing Fits In

Assurant recently created a whitepaper where they look at ways to support the online F&I process. Here are some finding that I wanted to share with you.

Meet your customers throughout their car-purchasing journey. Here’s how to optimize these six areas to effectively support their experience.

Step 1: Consumer Research & Discovery: 92% of car buyers want to learn more about protection products and review details online before purchasing.

Step 2: Shopping & Test-Driving: Most U.S. drivers (74%) say they’ll only purchase a car if they can test-drive it first.

Step 3: Transition to F&I: 63% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy an F&I product if they can learn about it on their own time.

Step 4: Needs Awareness & Assessment: The top 5 pain points customers want solved are

  1. Repair costs
  2. Nationwide coverage
  3. Roadside assistance
  4. Car rental reimbursement
  5. Transferable coverage

Step 5: F&I Presentation: Consumers say they respond best to

  1. Graphics that simplify F&I product information (92%)
  2. Online brochures (85%)
  3. Video presentations (75%)

Step 6: Post-Sale Opportunities: 74% of consumers want a mobile app to connect with their dealership after they purchase a vehicle.

Go to www.autonews.com/sponsored-whitepaper/6-steps-fi-deal-where-digital-retailing-fits to download the white paper.

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